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UniProt Q03761
Database: TrEMBL (Unreviewed) automatically annotated and not reviewed

Q03761: 4932.YDR145W

Link to: [ InterPro ]

Model 3D Structure
Model information:
Modelled residue range: 414 to 490
Based on template: [ 1h3o ]  
Sequence Identity [%]: 50%
Model date: 2015-11-05
Revision date: 2015-10-15

Quaternary structure information: [details]
Template (1h3o): HETERO DIMER
Model built :SINGLE CHAIN

Ligand information: [details]
Ligands in the template: none.
Ligands in the model: none.
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This model has not been updated since 2015-10-15. In the meantime, new template structures may have become available which would allow building a more reliable model. Please use the SWISS-MODEL server to interactively compute a new model for your target protein: Build New Model Interactively


1h3oD     55    hx--vltkkk lqdlvrevdp neq-----ld edveexllqi addfiesvvt
TARGET                 hhh hhhhh                 hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh
1h3oD                  hhh hhhhh                 hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh

1h3oD     98    aacqlarhrk sstlevkdvq lhlerqwnxw i-                   
TARGET          hhhhhhhh         hhhh hhhhhh                          
1h3oD           hhhhhhhh         hhhh hhhhhh                          


Template's ligands section
Template without ligands.
No ligands were included in the model.

Quaternary Structure Annotation of the Template
1h3o is annotated as HETERO DIMER
The oligomeric state of the structure was assigned by the authors of the corresponding PDB entry
The following biological unit was used to build the template structure: 1h3o.pdb2.gz

Quaternary Structure Modelling of the Target Protein

Template Selection
 - Start SMR-Pipeline for:a259d56b4d9b672961da050cf132de85 on BC2-cluster at Thu Nov  5 13:54:57

 - Analyze BLAST summary ... 
 - No templates found with BLAST (seqid-cutoff: 60): go to HHSEARCH

 - Run HHSearch to detect more templates...
FATAL - No templates found in HHSEARCH, strange - make sure all DBs are sync'ed correctly
 - No template with C found
 - No template with A found
 - Warning: Oligomer Prediction was not successfull!

 - Proof template(s) selection compared to previous Repository update
 - Different number of templates selected (old0 vs new:1): model based on new templates
 - Send 1 Templates for modeling

 - @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
 -                                                              ***********
 - building model based on 1h3oD (414-490) was successful 
 - Repository Pipeline parameter

   Cut-off parameters to model the target based on a BLAST target-template alignment
    Evalue :                                     0.0001
    Minimum Template size (aa) for ranking :     25
    Minimum Sequence identity :                  60

   Cut-off parameters to model the target based on a HHSearch target-template alignment
    Evalue :                                     0.0001
    Probability :                                50
    MAC :                                        0.3

   Parameters for model selection
    Minimal number of uncovered target
     residues after BLAST to run HHSEARCH :      50
    Minimal number of uncovered target
     residues to model an additional template :  25
 - Finish SMR-Pipeline for:a259d56b4d9b672961da050cf132de85 on BC2-cluster at Thu Nov  5 13:56:03

no data available!

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