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Homology Modelling Requests:

Automated Mode
Start a new project in first approach mode. Required user input is only a protein sequence (Raw or FASTA format) or a SwissProt / UniProt accession code.

Alignment Mode
Start a new project in alignment mode from a multiple sequence alignment containing (at least) the target protein and a template structure. Valid input formats are FASTA, ClustalW, MSF, ...

Project Mode
SWISS-MODEL project files contain the target sequence, one or more superposed template structures, and the target-template alignment. Project files can be prepared using the program DeepView - the Swiss-PdbViewer. DeepView can be downloaded for free at ExPaSy.

SWISS-MODEL is developed by the Protein Structure Bioinformatics group at the SIB - Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics & the Biozentrum University of Basel. © 2011.