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Basel, April 2017


Local and global model quality estimation

  • We recommend our new QMEAN services for both local and global model quality estimation.
  • Click here for a non-exhaustive list of other services.
  • CASP and CAMEO are community projects which benchmark state of the art services.
  • Stereochemistry Check

  • MolProbity Used to validate pdb structures and still in active development
  • PROCHECK One of the goto programs for stereochemistry checks. PROCHECK is included in PDBsum
  • Structural Features

  • DSSP Secondary Structure, geometrical features, and solvent exposure assignment
  • Promotif Analysis of protein structure motifs. Promotif is included in PDBsum

    Protein Structure & Model Assessment Tools

    Project Title:

    The following tools are provided to assess the quality and structural features of protein models and template structures.
    Please upload a model or template structure in PDB format. ?

    Local Model Quality Estimation:
    Anolea ? Anolea atomic mean force potential
    Gromos ? Empirical force field
    QMEAN6 ? Composite scoring function for model quality estimation [Example]

    Global Model Quality Estimation:
    DFire ? All-atom distance-dependent statistical potential

    Stereochemistry Check:
    Procheck ? Stereochemical quality check; min. Resolution: Å

    Structural Features:
    DSSP ? Secondary Structure, geometrical features, and solvent exposure assignment
    Promotif ? Analysis of protein structure motifs

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