The SWISS-MODEL Workspace is a web-based integrated service dedicated to protein structure homology modelling. It assists and guides the user in building protein homology models at different levels of complexity.

Successful model building requires at least one experimentally determined 3D structure (template) that shows significant amino acid sequence similarity with the target sequence. Building a homology model comprises four main steps: identification of structural template(s), alignment of target sequence and template structure(s), model building, and model quality evaluation. These steps can be repeated until a satisfying modelling result is achieved. Each of the four steps requires specialized software and access to up-to-date protein sequence and structure databases.

Protein sequence and structure databases necessary for modelling are accessible from the workspace and are updated in regular intervals. Software tools for template selection, model building, and structure quality evaluation can be invoked from within the workspace. A personal working environment (workspace), where several modelling projects can be carried out in parallel, is provided for each user.

The following tutorial aims to facilitate the first steps of working with SWISS-MODEL Workspace. Please let us know if you would like to see other features explained in this tutorial (

How do I work with SWISS-MODEL workspace ?

How can I build an homology model using SWISS-MODEL workspace ?

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