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1. How do I work with SWISS-MODEL workspace ? => How can I manage my projects?

In the workspace a list of the current modeling work units is displayed, including the workunit type, a title provided by the user, and the status of the workunit:

The current status of a work unit is indicated by a graphical symbol: submitted (the job has been submitted to the queuing system and is waiting for execution), running (job is currently running and programs are calculating), finished (job has been completed, results are available) or failed/stopped (something went wrong during the process).

After completion of the modelling procedure (~ a few minutes up to several hours), the results are stored in the workspace and the user is notified about the completion.The user can access the results output by clicking on the work unit ID number.
The results are stored for one week on the server. The remainig time before deletion of a given work unit is also displayed. The user can decide to either delete a work unit or to prolonge its life span by clicking on the corresponding link.

Beware: Workunits are kept on the server for one week before they are deleted automatically. You may postpone deletion by one week by pressing the green "refresh arrow". Please download the modelling results within this timeframe to your local system. Each user has a quota of up to a maximum of 25 work units which can be stored simultaneously.   [ Contact ]