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2021-02-20_00000133_full_76; 01.pdb;

Created: Thu 4th Mar, 14:59;

We predict the uploaded structure to have a transmembrane segment.

Ramachandran Plots
MolProbity Results
(F10 HIS-G230 LEU)
C106 PRO
G86 ASN, G365 ARG, G382 LEU, G352 VAL, G392 THR, G362 ILE, G120 ASN, G224 VAL, G259 LYS, G381 ILE
2 / 4237
G45 GLY, G366 PRO
48 / 5782
(G362 ILE-G363 PRO), (G352 VAL-G353 PRO), (G365 ARG-G366 PRO), G291 ASN, (C126 VAL-C127 PRO), (C121 TYR-C122 PRO), (G275 ILE-G276 PRO), G408 ASN, (G272 PHE-G273 PRO), C72 ASP, G362 ILE, C98 HIS, G124 HIS, G132 THR, G375 TYR, (F28 VAL-F29 PRO), G238 PHE, F23 VAL, C77 MET, G229 HIS, G365 ARG, G382 LEU, G204 HIS, G305 HIS, F10 HIS, G248 HIS, G394 PHE, C32 ASN, G108 SER, G352 VAL, G261 HIS, G334 HIS, G218 ASN, G359 PHE, C76 HIS, (G370 ILE-G371 ALA), G384 HIS, G142 HIS, G187 HIS, G174 PHE, (G297 ASP-G298 THR), G380 HIS, (G106 ASP-G107 PRO)
1 / 488
(G370 ILE-G371 ALA)
1 / 18
(C85 TRP-C86 PRO)
1 / 18
(G365 ARG-G366 PRO)
Results obtained using MolProbity version 4.4
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