A1KGV2 (MSHD_MYCBP) Mycobacterium bovis (strain BCG / Pasteur 1173P2)

Mycothiol acetyltransferase UniProtKBInterProInteractive Modelling

315 aa; Sequence (Fasta) 14 identical sequences

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Experimental structures

'Crystal Structure of Rv0819 from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis MshD-Mycothiol Synthase Coenzyme A C...monomer COA;ACO;1p0h3-310
'Crystal Structure of Rv0819 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis MshD-Mycothiol Synthase Acetyl-Coenz...monomer ACO;1ozp3-310
The Structure of Mycothiol Synthase in Complex with des- AcetylMycothiol and CoenzymeA.monomer COA;MA8;ACO;2c275-312