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B3H0P8 (RIBBA_ACTP7) Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 7 (strain AP76)

Riboflavin biosynthesis protein RibBA UniProtKBInterProInteractive Modelling

401 aa; Sequence (Fasta) Identical sequences: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 10 str. D13039: E0F2R4

Sequence Features

 331Proton acceptor; for GTP cyclohydrolase activity.
 333Nucleophile; for GTP cyclohydrolase activity.
 31Magnesium or manganese 1.
 31Magnesium or manganese 2.
 145Magnesium or manganese 2.
 259Zinc; catalytic.
 270Zinc; catalytic.
 272Zinc; catalytic.
 128Essential for DHBP synthase activity.
 166Essential for DHBP synthase activity.
 10-2003,4-dihydroxy-2-butanone 4-phosphate syn thase, RibB
 213-374GTP cyclohydrolase II

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownloadAssess
homo-2-mer TAU;ZN;0.012bz1.1.A208-378
homo-2-mer -0.724ffj.1.A6-207
homo-2-mer ZN;-1.174i14.1.A6-377