P04114 (APOB_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

Apolipoprotein B-100 UniProtKBInterProSTRINGInteractive Modelling

4563 aa; Sequence (Fasta)

Sequence Features

 98T -> I (polymorphism that influences plasma concentrations of low density lipoprotein cholesterol; dbSNP:rs1367117). VAR_016184 dbSNP
 103Y -> H (in dbSNP:rs9282603). VAR_022036 dbSNP
 145P -> S (in dbSNP:rs6752026). VAR_022037 dbSNP
 194T -> M (in dbSNP:rs13306198). VAR_056737 dbSNP
 251A -> T (polymorphism; does not affect plasma lipid levels; dbSNP:rs61741625). VAR_076538 dbSNP
 273K -> N. VAR_019827
 408I -> T (in dbSNP:rs12714225). VAR_029341 dbSNP
 490R -> W (in FHBL1; reduced protein secretion). VAR_022610
 554P -> L (in dbSNP:rs12714214). VAR_020135 dbSNP
 618A -> V (in dbSNP:rs679899). VAR_019828 dbSNP
 730V -> I (in dbSNP:rs12691202). VAR_020136 dbSNP
 733V -> I (in dbSNP:rs1800476). VAR_016185 dbSNP
 741T -> N (in dbSNP:rs12714192). VAR_020137 dbSNP
 877P -> L (in dbSNP:rs12714097). VAR_029342 dbSNP
 952V -> L (in FHBL1; unknown pathological significance; does not affect interaction with MTTP). VAR_076539
 955P -> S (in dbSNP:rs13306206). VAR_056738 dbSNP
 1086G -> S (in dbSNP:rs12720801). VAR_029343 dbSNP
 1113D -> H (in dbSNP:rs12713844). VAR_029344 dbSNP
 1128R -> H (in dbSNP:rs12713843). VAR_022611 dbSNP
 1218Q -> E (polymorphism; confirmed at protein level; dbSNP:rs1041956). VAR_019829 dbSNP
 1388R -> H (in dbSNP:rs13306187). VAR_029345 dbSNP
 1422Y -> C (in dbSNP:rs568413). VAR_061558 dbSNP
 1437F -> L (in dbSNP:rs1801697). VAR_005016 dbSNP
 1613S -> T. VAR_067278
 1670E -> D (polymorphism; confirmed at protein level). VAR_068911
 1914N -> S (in dbSNP:rs1801699). VAR_005017 dbSNP
 1923H -> R (in dbSNP:rs533617). VAR_005018 dbSNP
 2037I -> N (polymorphism; confirmed at protein level). VAR_068912
 2092L -> V (in dbSNP:rs1041960). VAR_019830 dbSNP
 2299D -> H (in dbSNP:rs12713681). VAR_029346 dbSNP
 2313I -> V (in dbSNP:rs584542). VAR_059582 dbSNP
 2365A -> T (in dbSNP:rs1041971). VAR_019831 dbSNP
 2456A -> D (in dbSNP:rs12713675). VAR_020138 dbSNP
 2564F -> C (in a colorectal cancer sample; somatic mutation; confirmed at protein level). VAR_035795
 2566E -> K (polymorphism; confirmed at protein level; dbSNP:rs1801696). VAR_005019 dbSNP
 2680L -> Q (in dbSNP:rs1042013). VAR_019832 dbSNP
 2739P -> L (in dbSNP:rs676210). VAR_005020 dbSNP
 2785N -> H (in dbSNP:rs2163204). VAR_022038 dbSNP
 3121A -> T (in dbSNP:rs1801694). VAR_005021 dbSNP
 3182H -> N (in dbSNP:rs12720848). VAR_029347 dbSNP
 3279S -> G (in dbSNP:rs12720854). VAR_029348 dbSNP
 3294S -> P (in dbSNP:rs12720855). VAR_020139 dbSNP
 3319D -> H. VAR_005022
 3427T -> K. VAR_005023
 3432Q -> E (in dbSNP:rs1042023). VAR_005024 dbSNP
 3527R -> Q (in FDB; dbSNP:rs5742904). VAR_005025 dbSNP
 3558R -> C (in FDB; dbSNP:rs12713559). VAR_005026 dbSNP
 3638R -> Q (in dbSNP:rs1801701). VAR_016186 dbSNP
 3732I -> T (in dbSNP:rs1042025). VAR_019833 dbSNP
 3801S -> T (in dbSNP:rs12713540). VAR_029349 dbSNP
 3835I -> L. VAR_067279
 3921V -> I (in dbSNP:rs72654409). VAR_005027 dbSNP
 3945T -> A (in dbSNP:rs1801698). VAR_005028 dbSNP
 3949F -> L (in dbSNP:rs1042027). VAR_019834 dbSNP
 3964Y -> F (in dbSNP:rs1126468). VAR_019835 dbSNP
 4128V -> M (in dbSNP:rs1801703). VAR_005029 dbSNP
 4181E -> K (in dbSNP:rs1042031). VAR_016187 dbSNP
 4270R -> T (in dbSNP:rs1801702). VAR_016188 dbSNP
 4314I -> V (in dbSNP:rs72654423). VAR_067280 dbSNP
 4338S -> N (in dbSNP:rs1042034). VAR_005030 dbSNP
 4394V -> A (in dbSNP:rs12720843). VAR_029350 dbSNP
 4481A -> T (in dbSNP:rs1801695). VAR_005031 dbSNP
 4482I -> V. VAR_067281
 4484T -> M (in dbSNP:rs12713450). VAR_020140 dbSNP
 12-14Missing. VAR_067277
 46-597Lipid transport protein, N-terminal
 632-937Vitellinogen, open beta-sheet
 960-1071Lipid transport, open beta-sheet
 4494-4549Apolipoprotein B100 C-terminal

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownloadAssess
monomer -4.751lsh.1.A45-1025
monomer -3.354bqk.1.A347-605
monomer -4.992xs1.1.A4220-4542
monomer -4.474wpe.1.A4173-4453