P07902 (GALT_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

Galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase UniProtKBInterProSTRINGInteractive Modelling

379 aa; Sequence (Fasta) ; (Isoform 2; ) Identical sequences: Homo sapiens: A0A0S2Z3Y7

Sequence Features

 186Tele-UMP-histidine intermediate.
 75Zinc 1.
 184Zinc 1.
 202Zinc 2.
 301Zinc 2.
 319Zinc 2.
 321Zinc 2.
 9Q -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033637). VAR_068531 dbSNP
 23T -> A (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033635). VAR_068532 dbSNP
 28D -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033636). VAR_068533 dbSNP
 28D -> Y (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033636). VAR_002548 dbSNP
 32I -> N (in GALCT; mild; dbSNP:rs111033644). VAR_002549 dbSNP
 33R -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033829). VAR_068534 dbSNP
 33R -> P (in GALCT). VAR_072793
 34Y -> N (in GALCT; affects protein stability; dbSNP:rs111033836). VAR_068535 dbSNP
 38Q -> P (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033646). VAR_002550 dbSNP
 44V -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033647). VAR_002551 dbSNP
 44V -> M (in GALCT; reduced enzyme activity; dbSNP:rs111033647). VAR_002552 dbSNP
 45S -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033652). VAR_008042 dbSNP
 51R -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033648). VAR_002553 dbSNP
 51R -> Q (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033648). VAR_023328 dbSNP
 55G -> C (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033654). VAR_002554 dbSNP
 62L -> M (in dbSNP:rs1800461). VAR_002555 dbSNP
 67R -> C (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033658). VAR_002556 dbSNP
 74L -> P (in GALCT; reduced enzyme activity; dbSNP:rs111033663). VAR_002557 dbSNP
 81A -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033665). VAR_002558 dbSNP
 83G -> V (in GALCT). VAR_072794
 89Y -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033666). VAR_068824 dbSNP
 97N -> S (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033669). VAR_002559 dbSNP
 98D -> N (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033670). VAR_002560 dbSNP
 103Q -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs367543252). VAR_068825 dbSNP
 112S -> R (in GALCT). VAR_068536
 113D -> N (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033677). VAR_002561 dbSNP
 114H -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033678). VAR_002562 dbSNP
 117F -> S (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033679). VAR_002563 dbSNP
 118Q -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033673). VAR_002564 dbSNP
 123R -> G (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033674). VAR_002565 dbSNP
 123R -> Q (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033675). VAR_002566 dbSNP
 125V -> A (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033680). VAR_002567 dbSNP
 127K -> E (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033682). VAR_002568 dbSNP
 129M -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033683). VAR_008043 dbSNP
 130C -> Y (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs367543255). VAR_002569 dbSNP
 132H -> Q (in GALCT; affects protein stability; dbSNP:rs367543256). VAR_068537 dbSNP
 132H -> Y (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033688). VAR_002570 dbSNP
 135S -> L (in GALCT; frequent mutation in African Americans; about 5% of normal galactose uridylyltransferase activity; dbSNP:rs111033690). VAR_002571 dbSNP
 135S -> W (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033690). VAR_023329 dbSNP
 138T -> M (in GALCT; mild; dbSNP:rs111033686). VAR_002572 dbSNP
 139L -> P (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033687). VAR_002573 dbSNP
 142M -> K (in GALCT; 4% of normal activity; dbSNP:rs111033695). VAR_002574 dbSNP
 142M -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033695). VAR_072795 dbSNP
 142M -> V (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033692). VAR_002575 dbSNP
 143S -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033697). VAR_002576 dbSNP
 148R -> G (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033693). VAR_002577 dbSNP
 148R -> Q (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033694). VAR_002578 dbSNP
 148R -> W (in GALCT; unstable protein; dbSNP:rs111033693). VAR_002579 dbSNP
 150V -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033699). VAR_002580 dbSNP
 151V -> A (in GALCT; approximately 3% of normal activity; dbSNP:rs111033701). VAR_002581 dbSNP
 154W -> G (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033702). VAR_002582 dbSNP
 166P -> A (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs367543257). VAR_068826 dbSNP
 167W -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033708). VAR_008044 dbSNP
 168V -> L (in GALCT; loss of activity; dbSNP:rs367543258). VAR_068538 dbSNP
 170I -> T (in GALCT; loss of activity; dbSNP:rs111033839). VAR_068539 dbSNP
 171F -> S (in GALCT; reduced enzyme activity; dbSNP:rs111033715). VAR_002583 dbSNP
 175G -> D (in GALCT; reduces strongly galactose uridylyltransferase activity; dbSNP:rs111033718). VAR_072796 dbSNP
 179G -> D (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033720). VAR_002584 dbSNP
 181S -> A (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033828). VAR_068540 dbSNP
 181S -> F (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs367543259). VAR_068827 dbSNP
 183P -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033721). VAR_002585 dbSNP
 184H -> Q (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033717). VAR_002586 dbSNP
 185P -> H (in GALCT; loss of activity; dbSNP:rs111033722). VAR_068541 dbSNP
 185P -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033722). VAR_068828 dbSNP
 185P -> S (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033826). VAR_068542 dbSNP
 188Q -> R (in GALCT; most common mutation; accounts for approximately 70% of GALCT alleles tested; 10% of normal galactose uridylyltransferase activity; impairs protein folding; dbSNP:rs75391579). VAR_002587 dbSNP
 192S -> G (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033830). VAR_068543 dbSNP
 192S -> N (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033734). VAR_002588 dbSNP
 194F -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033726). VAR_002589 dbSNP
 195L -> P (in GALCT; no enzymatic activity; dbSNP:rs111033728). VAR_002590 dbSNP
 198I -> M (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033729). VAR_002591 dbSNP
 198I -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs1483461355). VAR_002592 dbSNP
 199A -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033730). VAR_002593 dbSNP
 201R -> C (in GALCT; 2-fold decrease in activity; dbSNP:rs111033739). VAR_068544 dbSNP
 201R -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033735). VAR_002594 dbSNP
 203E -> K (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033736). VAR_002595 dbSNP
 204R -> P (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033740). VAR_008045 dbSNP
 209Y -> C (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033744). VAR_002596 dbSNP
 209Y -> S (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033744). VAR_002597 dbSNP
 212Q -> H (in GALCT). VAR_002598
 217L -> P (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033741). VAR_002599 dbSNP
 220E -> K (in GALCT; 3-fold decrease in activity; dbSNP:rs111033747). VAR_068545 dbSNP
 223R -> S (in GALCT; 3-fold decrease in activity; dbSNP:rs111033750). VAR_068546 dbSNP
 226L -> P (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033752). VAR_002600 dbSNP
 227L -> P (in GALCT; results in no detectable protein in the soluble fraction; dbSNP:rs111033846). VAR_068547 dbSNP
 229K -> N (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033753). VAR_023330 dbSNP
 231R -> C (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033749). VAR_072797 dbSNP
 231R -> H (in GALCT; 15% of normal activity; dbSNP:rs111033754). VAR_002601 dbSNP
 244P -> S (in GALCT). VAR_072798
 249W -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033757). VAR_002602 dbSNP
 251Y -> C (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033755). VAR_002603 dbSNP
 251Y -> S (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033755). VAR_002604 dbSNP
 252Q -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033769). VAR_023331 dbSNP
 258R -> C (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs368166217). VAR_002605 dbSNP
 259R -> Q (in GALCT; loss of activity; dbSNP:rs886042070). VAR_068548 dbSNP
 259R -> W (in GALCT; mild; dbSNP:rs786204763). VAR_002606 dbSNP
 262R -> P (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033763). VAR_002607 dbSNP
 263Missing (in GALCT). VAR_008046
 265P -> A (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033764). VAR_068549 dbSNP
 267L -> R (in GALCT). VAR_072799
 267L -> V (in GALCT). VAR_072800
 271E -> D (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs1262475195). VAR_072801 dbSNP
 272R -> G (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033766). VAR_008047 dbSNP
 278I -> N (in GALCT; 18-fold decrease in activity; dbSNP:rs111033778). VAR_068550 dbSNP
 282L -> V (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033772). VAR_002608 dbSNP
 285K -> N (in GALCT; severe; 25-40% of the European population; impairs protein folding; nearly abolishes enzyme activity; dbSNP:rs111033773). VAR_002609 dbSNP
 285K -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs367543263). VAR_068829 dbSNP
 289L -> F (in GALCT; 3-fold decrease in activity; dbSNP:rs111033774). VAR_068551 dbSNP
 289L -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033775). VAR_002610 dbSNP
 291E -> K (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033780). VAR_002611 dbSNP
 291E -> V (in GALCT; 2-fold decrease in activity; dbSNP:rs111033841). VAR_068552 dbSNP
 294F -> Y (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033781). VAR_008048 dbSNP
 308E -> K (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033784). VAR_002612 dbSNP
 314N -> D (in GALCT; allele Duarte; exists as allelic variants Duarte-1 and Duarte- 2; Duarte-1 has normal or increased activity; Duarte-2 has activity reduced to about 35-45% of normal; dbSNP:rs2070074). VAR_002613 dbSNP
 317Q -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033787). VAR_002614 dbSNP
 317Q -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033786). VAR_002615 dbSNP
 319H -> Q (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033792). VAR_002616 dbSNP
 320A -> T (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033795). VAR_002617 dbSNP
 323Y -> D (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033796). VAR_002618 dbSNP
 323Y -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033796). VAR_002619 dbSNP
 324P -> S (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033798). VAR_002620 dbSNP
 325P -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033794). VAR_002621 dbSNP
 327L -> P (in GALCT; results in no detectable protein in the soluble fraction; dbSNP:rs111033832). VAR_068553 dbSNP
 328R -> H (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033802). VAR_002622 dbSNP
 329S -> F (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033803). VAR_002623 dbSNP
 330A -> V (in GALCT; mild; dbSNP:rs111033804). VAR_002624 dbSNP
 333R -> G (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033800). VAR_002625 dbSNP
 333R -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033808). VAR_068830 dbSNP
 333R -> Q (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033808). VAR_002626 dbSNP
 333R -> W (in GALCT; no enzymatic activity; dbSNP:rs111033800). VAR_002627 dbSNP
 334K -> R (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033809). VAR_002628 dbSNP
 336M -> L (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033810). VAR_002629 dbSNP
 342L -> I (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033812). VAR_068554 dbSNP
 344Q -> K (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033814). VAR_002630 dbSNP
 345A -> D (in GALCT; dbSNP:rs111033815). VAR_068555 dbSNP
 350T -> A (in GALCT; mild; dbSNP:rs111033817). VAR_002631 dbSNP
 24-196Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase , N-terminal
 203-368Galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase , C-terminal

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

'Crystal structure of glucose-1-phosphate bound nucleotidylated human galactose-1-phosphate uridy... Heteromer
H2U;ZN; 28×EDO;G1P;5in322-366
'Structure of human galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase (GALT), with crystallization epitop...homo-2-mer H2U;ZN;EDO;6gqd21-368

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