P08922 (ROS1_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

Proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase ROS UniProtKBInterproStringInteractive Modelling

2347 aa; Sequence (Fasta)

Sequence Features

 2079Proton acceptor.
 13N -> S (in dbSNP:rs45606237). VAR_041442 dbSNP
 126G -> V (in dbSNP:rs34245787). VAR_041443 dbSNP
 145T -> P (in dbSNP:rs1998206). VAR_030648 dbSNP
 167R -> Q (in dbSNP:rs2243380). VAR_030649 dbSNP
 224P -> S (in dbSNP:rs55959124). VAR_041444 dbSNP
 338Y -> C (in dbSNP:rs55707658). VAR_041445 dbSNP
 370S -> P (in dbSNP:rs56274823). VAR_041446 dbSNP
 419Y -> H (in a gastric adenocarcinoma sample; somatic mutation; dbSNP:rs1444274116). VAR_041447 dbSNP
 537I -> M (in dbSNP:rs28639589). VAR_041448 dbSNP
 653S -> F (in dbSNP:rs34203286). VAR_041449 dbSNP
 790N -> S (in dbSNP:rs34582164). VAR_049712 dbSNP
 865Q -> H (in a lung large cell carcinoma sample; somatic mutation). VAR_041450
 1109S -> L (in dbSNP:rs2229079). VAR_030650 dbSNP
 1239Y -> F (in dbSNP:rs56192249). VAR_041451 dbSNP
 1353Y -> S (in dbSNP:rs35269727). VAR_041452 dbSNP
 1370C -> R (in dbSNP:rs36106063). VAR_041453 dbSNP
 1439F -> S (in dbSNP:rs17079086). VAR_030651 dbSNP
 1506R -> G (in dbSNP:rs35841892). VAR_041454 dbSNP
 1776D -> H (in dbSNP:rs12664076). VAR_030652 dbSNP
 1902E -> K (in dbSNP:rs9489124). VAR_030653 dbSNP
 1999H -> N (in dbSNP:rs45569132). VAR_041455 dbSNP
 2003K -> R (in a colorectal adenocarcinoma sample; somatic mutation). VAR_041456
 2039R -> H (in dbSNP:rs3752566). VAR_030654 dbSNP
 2138F -> S (in a gastric adenocarcinoma sample; somatic mutation). VAR_041457
 2203D -> N (in dbSNP:rs556427413). VAR_041458 dbSNP
 2213D -> E (in dbSNP:rs75510639). VAR_041459 dbSNP
 2213D -> N (in dbSNP:rs529038). VAR_030655 dbSNP
 2228K -> Q (in dbSNP:rs529156). VAR_041460 dbSNP
 2229S -> C (in dbSNP:rs619203). VAR_030656 dbSNP
 2240N -> K (in dbSNP:rs210968). VAR_030657 dbSNP
 2328K -> R (in dbSNP:rs35932630). VAR_049713 dbSNP
 1852-1853Breakpoint for translocation to form SLC34A2-ROS1 and CD74-ROS1 fusion proteins.
 1880-1881Breakpoint for translocation to form GOPC-ROS1 fusion protein.
 102-169Fibronectin type III
 202-274Fibronectin type III
 1668-1738Fibronectin type III
 1947-2215Serine-threonine/tyrosine-protein kinase , catalytic domain

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

Structure of Human ROS1 Kinase Domain in Complex with PF-06463922homo-2-mer 5P8;4uxl1934-2232
Structure of Human ROS1 Kinase Domain in Complex with Crizotinibmonomer VGH;3zbf1934-2232

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownload
monomer -4.344yh7.1.A1454-1749