P15848 (ARSB_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

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533 aa; Sequence (Fasta) ; (Isoform 2; ) Identical sequences: Homo sapiens: A0A024RAJ9

Sequence Features

 91Calcium; via 3-oxoalanine.
 65S -> F (in MPS6; intermediate form). VAR_019017
 82L -> R (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs749465732). VAR_080270 dbSNP
 86Missing (in MPS6; severe form; low protein levels and activity). VAR_019018
 92T -> M (in MPS6; mild form; dbSNP:rs751010538). VAR_007294 dbSNP
 95R -> Q (in MPS6; mild/severe form; dbSNP:rs118203942). VAR_007295 dbSNP
 116P -> H (in MPS6; severe form; dbSNP:rs775780931). VAR_019019 dbSNP
 117C -> R (in MPS6; severe form; dbSNP:rs118203939). VAR_007296 dbSNP
 137G -> V (in MPS6; intermediate form; dbSNP:rs118203938). VAR_007297 dbSNP
 142M -> I (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs1554088053). VAR_019020 dbSNP
 144G -> R (in MPS6; severe form; severe reduction of activity; dbSNP:rs746206847). VAR_019021 dbSNP
 146W -> L (in MPS6). VAR_019022
 146W -> R (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs1554088037). VAR_019023 dbSNP
 146W -> S (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs1554088034). VAR_019024 dbSNP
 152R -> W (in MPS6; intermediate form; dbSNP:rs991104525). VAR_007298 dbSNP
 160R -> Q (in MPS6; intermediate form; dbSNP:rs1196325597). VAR_007299 dbSNP
 192C -> R (in MPS6; mild form; severe reduction of activity; dbSNP:rs1554087423). VAR_019025 dbSNP
 210Y -> C (in MPS6; mild/intermediate; dbSNP:rs118203943). VAR_007300 dbSNP
 236L -> P (in MPS6; mild form; dbSNP:rs118203940). VAR_007301 dbSNP
 239Q -> R (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs1554086431). VAR_019026 dbSNP
 302G -> R (in MPS6; severe form; dbSNP:rs779378413). VAR_007302 dbSNP
 312W -> C (in MPS6; severe form; loss of activity). VAR_019027
 315R -> Q (in MPS6; intermediate form; dbSNP:rs727503809). VAR_019028 dbSNP
 321L -> P (in MPS6; intermediate form; severe reduction of activity; dbSNP:rs1554079320). VAR_019029 dbSNP
 358V -> L (in dbSNP:rs1065757). VAR_061883 dbSNP
 358V -> M (in dbSNP:rs1065757). VAR_016061 dbSNP
 376V -> M (in dbSNP:rs1071598). VAR_007303 dbSNP
 384S -> N (in dbSNP:rs25414). VAR_019030 dbSNP
 393H -> P (in MPS6; mild/severe form; dbSNP:rs118203944). VAR_007304 dbSNP
 399F -> L (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs200793396). VAR_019031 dbSNP
 405C -> Y (in MPS6; mild form; dbSNP:rs118203941). VAR_007305 dbSNP
 484R -> G (in MPS6; dbSNP:rs201101343). VAR_019032 dbSNP
 498L -> P (in MPS6; mild/severe form; dbSNP:rs774358117). VAR_007306 dbSNP
 521C -> Y (in MPS6; severe form; severe reduction of activity; dbSNP:rs1554069661). VAR_019033 dbSNP
 531P -> R (in MPS6; mild form; dbSNP:rs1554069659). VAR_019034 dbSNP
 45-363Sulfatase, N-terminal

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Experimental structures

Crystal Structure of 4-Sulfatase (human)monomer CA;NAG;CL;1fsu42-533

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