Q07785 (CDC2H_PLAFK) Plasmodium falciparum (isolate K1 / Thailand)

Cell division control protein 2 homolog UniProtKBInterProInteractive Modelling

288 aa; Sequence (Fasta) 17 identical sequences

Sequence Features

 125Proton acceptor.
 4-284Protein kinase domain

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

Crystal structure of the t198a mutant of pfpk5monomer 1v0b1-287
Structure of P. falciparum PfPK5monomer 1ob31-286
Structure of P. falciparum PfPK5-Purvalanol B ligand complexmonomer PVB;1v0p1-286
Structure of P. falciparum PfPK5-Indirubin-5-sulphonate ligand complexmonomer INR;1v0o3-287