Start a New Annotation Project

Supported Input

5 or 6 comma or tab separated values, each line:

  1. UniProt AC or name
  2. Start position (1-based)
  3. End position
  4. Colour (#FF00DD)
  5. Reference (Optional. Text or link)
  6. Annotation comment

Example Input

You can enter several annotations, one per line.

Each annotation will consist of 5 or 6 comma or tab separated values:

P0DTD1	1	10	#332288	nsp1_1-10_uncovered
P0DTD1	10	20	#117733	nsp1_10-20_part_covered
P0DTD1	40	100	#44aa99	nsp1_40-100_covered
P0DTD1	1050	1100	#88ccee	A text reference	nsp3_232-382_covered
P0DTD1	1150	1250	#ddcc77	nsp3_332-432_covered_multi
P0DTD1	4800	4900	#cc6677	Pol/RdRp_408-508_covered
P0DTC2	1000	1100	#aa4499	S glycoprotein_1000-1100_covered

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