A7LXU0 (GH43B_BACO1) Bacteroides ovatus (strain ATCC 8483 / DSM 1896 / JCM 5824 / NCTC11153)

Non-reducing end alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase BoGH43B UniProtKBInterProSTRINGInteractive Modelling

529 aa; Sequence (Fasta)

Sequence Features

 38Proton acceptor.
 198Proton donor.
 148Important for catalytic activity, responsible for pKa modulation of the active site Glu and correct orientation of both the proton donor and substrate.
 27-305Glycoside hydrolase, family 43
 333-526Beta-xylosidase, C-terminal Concanavalin A-like domain

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

Bacteroides ovatus Xyloglucan PUL GH43Bmonomer CA;5joz25-529