SWISS-MODEL Template Library (SMTL)

SMTL aggregates information of experimental structures from the Protein Data Bank (Westbrook et al.) and augments it with derived information. When a new structure is released by the PDB, the coordinates and accompanying information are processed and imported into the template library. SMTL entries are organized by likely quaternary structure assemblies, termed 'biounits', which are created according to the author and software annotated oligomeric states listed in the PDB deposition.

The current SMTL contains:

Examples: 7w5j.1, 6wfk.3, 8erb.1, 8evt.5, 2d6c.1, 3b60.2, 6dmf.10, 7f3e.1, 4ewp.3, 7bgu.2, 6ip5.39, 2hff.2

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