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B4F2E4 (QUEF_PROMH) Proteus mirabilis (strain HI4320)

NADPH-dependent 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine reductase UniProtKBInterProSTRINGInteractive Modelling

281 aa; Sequence (Fasta) Identical sequences: Proteus mirabilis: A0A1Z1SRY5; Klebsiella pneumoniae: A0A383KKF2

Sequence Features

 189Thioimide intermediate.
 196Proton donor.
 21-130NADPH-dependent 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine r eductase, N-terminal
 195-269NADPH-dependent 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine r eductase QueF

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownloadAssess
homo-2-mer PRF;-1.823s19.1.A21-281