F6DD48 (F6DD48_THETG) Thermus thermophilus (strain SG05JP17-16)

Peptide chain release factor 2 UniProtKBInterproInteractive Modelling

365 aa; Sequence (Fasta) Identical sequences: Thermus thermophilus JL-18: H9ZTQ8

Sequence Features

 23-208Peptide chain release factor
 217-325Peptide chain release factor class I/cla ss II

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

'Conformation of methylated GGQ in the Peptidyl Transferase Center during translation termination... Heteromer
P62662; P62663; P62664; P27152; P23370; P62667; P24319; P62669; P80375; P62654; P17293; P62655; P24320; P80378; P62238; P0DOY7; P62659; P80381; P80380; P62612; P60493; P60494; Q72I12; P74909; Q72JR0; P80339; Q72GW3; P80340; P80341; P80256; Q5SLP7; Q72I07; P52860; Q5SHN9; P41201; P24316; Q5SLQ1; P36238; Q72IN1; Q5SHP8; P74910; P60489; Q72I33; P80320; P60490; Q72L76; Q72HR2; P48286; Q9RA57; Q56435; Q72IA7;