P08397 (HEM3_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

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361 aa; Sequence (Fasta) ; (Isoform 2; Isoform 3; Isoform 4; ) Identical sequences: Pan troglodytes: H2Q4X6

Sequence Features

 18M -> I (in AIP). VAR_025558
 22R -> C (in AIP; dbSNP:rs189159450). VAR_003638 dbSNP
 24G -> S (in AIP). VAR_011001
 26R -> C (in AIP; less than 1% of wild-type deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs998842815). VAR_011002 dbSNP
 26R -> H (in AIP; severe decrease in deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs118204103). VAR_003639 dbSNP
 28S -> N (in AIP). VAR_011003
 31A -> P (in AIP). VAR_011004
 31A -> T (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204104). VAR_003640 dbSNP
 32R -> P (in AIP; results in less than 1% of wild-type deaminase activity). VAR_074151
 34Q -> K (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204105). VAR_003641 dbSNP
 34Q -> P (in AIP; less than 3% of activity). VAR_011005
 34Q -> R (in AIP). VAR_025559
 35T -> M (in AIP; dbSNP:rs974712040). VAR_011006 dbSNP
 42L -> S (in AIP). VAR_011007
 55A -> S (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204106). VAR_003642 dbSNP
 59T -> I (in AIP; unknown pathological significance; has 80% of wild-type deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs761004837). VAR_074152 dbSNP
 61D -> N (in AIP). VAR_011008
 61D -> Y (in AIP). VAR_025560
 78T -> P (in AIP). VAR_025561
 80E -> G (in AIP). VAR_025562
 81L -> P (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204119). VAR_025563 dbSNP
 85L -> R (in AIP). VAR_011009
 86E -> V (in AIP; dbSNP:rs150763621). VAR_025564 dbSNP
 90V -> G (in AIP). VAR_011010
 92L -> P (in AIP). VAR_025565
 93V -> F (in AIP; loss of activity). VAR_003643
 93Missing (in AIP). VAR_025566
 96S -> F (in AIP). VAR_025567
 98K -> R (in AIP). VAR_003644
 99D -> G (in AIP; complete loss of deaminase activity). VAR_025568
 99D -> H (in AIP). VAR_025569
 99D -> N (in AIP). VAR_025570
 111G -> R (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204107). VAR_003645 dbSNP
 113I -> T (in AIP). VAR_025571
 116R -> Q (in AIP; dbSNP:rs1165046276). VAR_003646 dbSNP
 116R -> W (in AIP; loss of activity; affects protein conformation; lower thermal stability than wild-type enzyme; dbSNP:rs118204094). VAR_003647 dbSNP
 119P -> L (in AIP). VAR_003648
 122A -> G (in AIP). VAR_025572
 124V -> D (in AIP). VAR_011011
 132K -> N (found in a patient with unclear porphyria-related biochemical findings and abdominal pain; unknown pathological significance; does not affect activity; does not affect Vmax; does not affect KM; does not affect thermal stability; dbSNP:rs551209435). VAR_073714 dbSNP
 149R -> L (in AIP). VAR_003649
 149R -> Q (in AIP; loss of deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs118204098). VAR_003650 dbSNP
 152Missing (in AIP). VAR_009223
 167R -> Q (in AIP; decreased deaminase activity due to defective enzyme- intermediate complexes turnover and regeneration of free enzyme molecules; dbSNP:rs118204095). VAR_003651 dbSNP
 167R -> W (in AIP; results in less than 5% of wild-type activity; 2-fold decrease of Vmax; 33-fold increase of KM; dbSNP:rs118204101). VAR_003652 dbSNP
 173R -> Q (in AIP; less than 1% of wild-type activity; dbSNP:rs118204096). VAR_003653 dbSNP
 173R -> W (in AIP; 1% of wild-type activity; lower thermal stability than wild-type enzyme; dbSNP:rs575222284). VAR_003654 dbSNP
 177L -> R (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204108). VAR_003655 dbSNP
 178D -> N (in AIP; unknown pathological significance; has 80% of wild-type deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs536814318). VAR_011012 dbSNP
 195R -> C (in AIP; severe decrease of deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs34413634). VAR_003656 dbSNP
 201R -> W (in AIP; residual activity; dbSNP:rs118204109). VAR_003657 dbSNP
 202V -> L (in AIP; dbSNP:rs914335144). VAR_011013 dbSNP
 204Q -> K (in AIP; 46% wild-type deaminase activity; decreased enzyme stability). VAR_074153
 209E -> K (in AIP; dbSNP:rs1007859875). VAR_011014 dbSNP
 212M -> V (in AIP; <2% residual activity; dbSNP:rs772471000). VAR_025573 dbSNP
 215V -> E (in AIP; unknown pathological significance; results in 30% of wild-type activity; 3-fold decrease of Vmax; normal KM; affects protein conformation; dbSNP:rs1205219549). VAR_073715 dbSNP
 215V -> M (in AIP; 19% of wild-type deaminase activity). VAR_074154
 216G -> D (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204116). VAR_011015 dbSNP
 217Q -> H (in AIP). VAR_011016
 217Q -> L (in AIP). VAR_011017
 219A -> D (in AIP). VAR_011018
 222V -> M (in AIP; dbSNP:rs1261947877). VAR_003658 dbSNP
 223E -> K (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204110). VAR_003659 dbSNP
 225R -> G (in AIP). VAR_003660
 225R -> Q (in AIP; dbSNP:rs142459647). VAR_025574 dbSNP
 236G -> S (in AIP). VAR_025575
 238L -> P (in AIP; unknown pathological significance). VAR_073716
 238L -> R (in AIP). VAR_003661
 244L -> P (in AIP). VAR_025576
 245L -> R (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204099). VAR_003662 dbSNP
 247C -> F (in AIP; residual activity). VAR_003663
 247C -> R (in AIP; severe decrease of deaminase activity; dbSNP:rs118204111). VAR_003664 dbSNP
 248I -> IETLLRCI (in AIP). VAR_011019
 250E -> A (in AIP; severe decrease of deaminase activity). VAR_003665
 250E -> D (in AIP; less than 1% of wild-type deaminase activity). VAR_074155
 250E -> K (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204112). VAR_003666 dbSNP
 250E -> Q (in AIP). VAR_011020
 250E -> V (in AIP). VAR_011021
 252A -> T (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204113). VAR_003667 dbSNP
 252A -> V (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204114). VAR_003668 dbSNP
 254L -> P (in AIP). VAR_025577
 256H -> N (in AIP; dbSNP:rs118204115). VAR_003669 dbSNP
 256H -> Y (in AIP). VAR_011022
 260G -> D (in AIP; dbSNP:rs990831395). VAR_025578 dbSNP
 261C -> Y (in AIP; dbSNP:rs1334178100). VAR_025579 dbSNP
 267V -> M (in AIP; dbSNP:rs1057521126). VAR_011023 dbSNP
 269T -> I (in AIP). VAR_003670
 270A -> D (in AIP). VAR_011024
 270A -> G (in AIP). VAR_011025
 274G -> R (in AIP). VAR_003671
 278L -> P (in AIP). VAR_003672
 280G -> R (in AIP). VAR_003673
 281Missing (in AIP). VAR_011026
 330A -> P (in AIP). VAR_074156
 335G -> D (in AIP). VAR_011028
 335G -> S (in AIP; less than 3% of activity). VAR_011029
 338L -> P (in AIP). VAR_074157
 343L -> P (in AIP). VAR_025580
 329-332Missing (in AIP). VAR_011027
 21-231Porphobilinogen deaminase, N-terminal
 245-318Porphobilinogen deaminase, C-terminal

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

Human porphobilinogen deaminase in complex with reaction intermediatemonomer PO4;EPE;7J8;5m6r18-357
Structure of human porphobilinogen deaminasemonomer DPM;3ecr18-356
The Crystal Structure of Human Porphobilinogen Deaminase at 2.8A resolutionmonomer DPM;SO4;3eq119-356
Human porphobilinogen deaminase in complex with DPM cofactormonomer DPM;SO4;5m7f20-353

Homology models built on isoform sequence

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