P08F94 (PKHD1_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

Fibrocystin UniProtKBInterproStringInteractive Modelling

4074 aa; Sequence (Fasta) ; (Isoform 2; )

Sequence Features

 17A -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs755654557). VAR_018520 dbSNP
 19R -> H (in a colorectal cancer sample and ARPKD; somatic mutation; unknown pathological significance). VAR_036228
 25I -> V. VAR_018521
 36T -> M (in ARPKD; common mutation; dbSNP:rs28939383). VAR_014039 dbSNP
 92R -> W (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs370277502). VAR_066416 dbSNP
 218E -> K (in ARPKD; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs149522482). VAR_075540 dbSNP
 222I -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs369925690). VAR_014040 dbSNP
 223G -> S (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs749454235). VAR_018522 dbSNP
 246I -> T (in ARPKD). VAR_066417
 253F -> L (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs775254013). VAR_014041 dbSNP
 255Y -> C (in ARPKD). VAR_066418
 292I -> V (in a patient with polycystic kidney disease; dbSNP:rs367590965). VAR_066419 dbSNP
 293A -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs398124499). VAR_066420 dbSNP
 307I -> T (in ARPKD). VAR_018523
 326G -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs778329699). VAR_018524 dbSNP
 372F -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_027439
 387Missing (in ARPKD). VAR_018525
 457E -> D. VAR_018526
 466G -> E (in ARPKD). VAR_066421
 470G -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs776845008). VAR_066422 dbSNP
 473I -> S (in ARPKD). VAR_018527
 486Y -> H (in ARPKD). VAR_018528
 488R -> P. VAR_018529
 496R -> P (in ARPKD). VAR_018530
 539I -> T (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs749730748). VAR_066423 dbSNP
 579T -> M (in ARPKD; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs45500692). VAR_018531 dbSNP
 656W -> C (in ARPKD). VAR_018532
 686H -> P (in ARPKD). VAR_066424
 703D -> N (in ARPKD). VAR_018533
 723R -> C (in dbSNP:rs794727366). VAR_066425 dbSNP
 724P -> R (in ARPKD). VAR_066426
 732V -> F (in dbSNP:rs201432731). VAR_018534 dbSNP
 739P -> L (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs758352210). VAR_018535 dbSNP
 752T -> M (in dbSNP:rs200654041). VAR_014042 dbSNP
 757I -> L (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs777183511). VAR_018536 dbSNP
 760R -> C (in dbSNP:rs9370096). VAR_014043 dbSNP
 760R -> H (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs745770404). VAR_014044 dbSNP
 760R -> W (in dbSNP:rs9370096). VAR_051282 dbSNP
 805P -> L (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs199531851). VAR_018537 dbSNP
 830N -> S (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs62406032). VAR_018538 dbSNP
 852W -> R. VAR_014045
 899T -> P (in ARPKD). VAR_018539
 997M -> K (in ARPKD). VAR_018540
 1030A -> E (in ARPKD). VAR_018541
 1081R -> C (in a colorectal cancer sample; somatic mutation; dbSNP:rs200986136). VAR_036229 dbSNP
 1096L -> R (in a colorectal cancer sample; somatic mutation). VAR_036230
 1122G -> S (in ARPKD). VAR_014046
 1123G -> S (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs142107837). VAR_018542 dbSNP
 1136Y -> C (in dbSNP:rs41273726). VAR_018543 dbSNP
 1150A -> P. VAR_018544
 1204C -> Y. VAR_014047
 1249C -> W (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs748540413). VAR_014048 dbSNP
 1262A -> V (in dbSNP:rs9296669). VAR_014049 dbSNP
 1283S -> L. VAR_018545
 1389P -> T (in ARPKD). VAR_018546
 1407L -> R (in ARPKD). VAR_014050
 1472C -> Y (in ARPKD). VAR_018547
 1486P -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_018548
 1584S -> I (in ARPKD). VAR_018549
 1624R -> W (in ARPKD; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs200391019). VAR_014051 dbSNP
 1664S -> F (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs28937907). VAR_014052 dbSNP
 1709L -> F (in dbSNP:rs45517932). VAR_018550 dbSNP
 1712G -> R (in a patient with polycystic kidney disease; dbSNP:rs141103838). VAR_066427 dbSNP
 1741V -> M (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs28939099). VAR_014053 dbSNP
 1781T -> I (in ARPKD). VAR_018551
 1789V -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_018552
 1806E -> K (in a colorectal cancer sample; somatic mutation). VAR_036231
 1817V -> G (in ARPKD). VAR_066428
 1833S -> L (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs201105958). VAR_018553 dbSNP
 1838Y -> C (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs777999875). VAR_018554 dbSNP
 1867S -> N (in ARPKD). VAR_018555
 1870L -> V (in dbSNP:rs2435322). VAR_018556 dbSNP
 1875V -> G (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs202016058). VAR_066429 dbSNP
 1917Q -> R (in ARPKD). VAR_014054
 1928W -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_066430
 1942D -> G (in ARPKD). VAR_018557
 1971G -> D (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs180675584). VAR_018558 dbSNP
 1995E -> G (in ARPKD). VAR_014055
 1998I -> T (in ARPKD). VAR_018559
 2009A -> T (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs761786260). VAR_066431 dbSNP
 2032V -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_018560
 2106L -> R (in ARPKD). VAR_066432
 2134L -> P (in ARPKD). VAR_018561
 2210G -> E (in ARPKD). VAR_066433
 2219S -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_066434
 2224G -> R (in ARPKD; may affect splicing; dbSNP:rs759687904). VAR_066435 dbSNP
 2303I -> F (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs751084512). VAR_018562 dbSNP
 2331I -> K (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs200179145). VAR_014056 dbSNP
 2422C -> G (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs201881567). VAR_018563 dbSNP
 2422C -> R (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs201881567). VAR_066436 dbSNP
 2431E -> V (in ARPKD; may affect splicing). VAR_066437
 2573R -> C (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs752994816). VAR_066438 dbSNP
 2615A -> G. VAR_018564
 2641T -> A (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs7766366). VAR_018565 dbSNP
 2661Y -> H (in a patient with polycystic kidney disease). VAR_066439
 2688C -> F (in ARPKD). VAR_018566
 2761D -> Y (in ARPKD). VAR_018567
 2772L -> P (in ARPKD). VAR_018568
 2798V -> G (in ARPKD). VAR_066440
 2803C -> R (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs398124495). VAR_066441 dbSNP
 2804M -> K (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs794727759). VAR_066442 dbSNP
 2861S -> G (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs150925674). VAR_018569 dbSNP
 2863Y -> C (in ARPKD). VAR_018570
 2869T -> K (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs142522748). VAR_018571 dbSNP
 2938T -> M (in dbSNP:rs776068047). VAR_014057 dbSNP
 2957I -> T (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs760222236). VAR_014058 dbSNP
 2962D -> G (in ARPKD). VAR_018572
 2983S -> L (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs141169758). VAR_018573 dbSNP
 3018S -> F (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs137852945). VAR_014059 dbSNP
 3036V -> G (in ARPKD). VAR_018574
 3049H -> R (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs367678592). VAR_066443 dbSNP
 3052D -> Y (in dbSNP:rs765526). VAR_027440 dbSNP
 3072A -> V (in dbSNP:rs139306706). VAR_018575 dbSNP
 3081I -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs142146981). VAR_018576 dbSNP
 3088D -> N (in dbSNP:rs201066635). VAR_018577 dbSNP
 3107R -> P. VAR_018578
 3124H -> Y (in ARPKD). VAR_018579
 3139D -> Y (in dbSNP:rs45503297). VAR_014060 dbSNP
 3143R -> I. VAR_018580
 3167I -> L (in ARPKD). VAR_018581
 3175N -> D (in ARPKD). VAR_018582
 3175N -> S (in ARPKD). VAR_018583
 3177I -> T (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs200511261). VAR_018584 dbSNP
 3207A -> T (in ARPKD). VAR_066444
 3219V -> A (in a patient with polycystic kidney disease). VAR_066445
 3289S -> I (in ARPKD; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs148932323). VAR_018585 dbSNP
 3293D -> V (in ARPKD). VAR_018586
 3346C -> R (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs149798764). VAR_018587 dbSNP
 3440V -> D (in dbSNP:rs756792624). VAR_018588 dbSNP
 3468I -> V (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs748863662). VAR_018589 dbSNP
 3471V -> G (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs137852950). VAR_018590 dbSNP
 3482R -> C (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs148617572). VAR_018591 dbSNP
 3502E -> V (in ARPKD). VAR_018592
 3505S -> R (in dbSNP:rs139014478). VAR_018593 dbSNP
 3529E -> Q (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs145184792). VAR_018594 dbSNP
 3551E -> K (in dbSNP:rs751593192). VAR_018595 dbSNP
 3553I -> T (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs137852948). VAR_014061 dbSNP
 3622C -> Y (in ARPKD). VAR_018596
 3783P -> S (in ARPKD). VAR_018597
 3837V -> I (in dbSNP:rs9474034). VAR_027441 dbSNP
 3842R -> L (in dbSNP:rs76572975). VAR_018598 dbSNP
 3899Q -> R (in dbSNP:rs4715227). VAR_018599 dbSNP
 3905I -> N (in dbSNP:rs2661488). VAR_027442 dbSNP
 3913R -> H (in dbSNP:rs2661487). VAR_027443 dbSNP
 3957R -> C (in ARPKD; dbSNP:rs146680689). VAR_066446 dbSNP
 3960V -> I (in dbSNP:rs34548196). VAR_014062 dbSNP
 4048Q -> R (in dbSNP:rs9381994). VAR_014063 dbSNP
 260-313IPT domain
 945-1001IPT domain
 1019-1102IPT domain
 1108-1189IPT domain
 1389-1472IPT domain
 1487-1564IPT domain
 1578-1642IPT domain
 1934-2051G8 domain
 2749-2871G8 domain

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownload
monomer -4.745l56.1.A930-1279
monomer -4.842yn5.1.A1485-1740
monomer -4.975l5k.1.A1388-1726

Homology models built on isoform sequence

Isoform #Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownload