P13134 (KEX2_YEAST) Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain ATCC 204508 / S288c) (Baker's yeast)

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814 aa; Sequence (Fasta) Identical sequences: Saccharomyces sp. 'boulardii': A0A0L8VI93

Sequence Features

 175Charge relay system.
 213Charge relay system.
 385Charge relay system.
 135Calcium 1.
 184Calcium 1.
 227Calcium 1.
 277Calcium 2.
 320Calcium 2.
 350Calcium 2.
 166-445Peptidase S8/S53 domain
 505-590P domain

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

'The 2.2 A crystal structure of Kex2 protease in complex with Ac-Arg-Glu-Lys-boroArg peptidyl bor...monomer K;CA;NAG;1r64121-601
The 1.9 A structure of Kex2 in complex with an Ac-R-E-R-K-chloromethyl ketone inhibitor.monomer NA;CA;MLA;NDG;2id4122-601
The 2.4 Angstrom Crystal Structure of Kex2 in complex with a peptidyl-boronic acid inhibitormonomer CA;NAG;1ot5123-599