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P47774 (CCR7_MOUSE) Mus musculus (Mouse)

C-C chemokine receptor type 7 UniProtInterproStringInteractive Modelling

378 aa; Sequence (Fasta)

Sequence Features

 60-86Helical; Name=1.
 96-116Helical; Name=2.
 131-152Helical; Name=3.
 171-191Helical; Name=4.
 220-247Helical; Name=5.
 264-289Helical; Name=6.
 314-331Helical; Name=7.
 75-326G protein-coupled receptor, rhodopsin-li ke

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)ReportDownload
monomer -4.645lwe.2.A42-349