P78337 (PITX1_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

Pituitary homeobox 1 UniProtKBInterProSTRINGInteractive Modelling

314 aa; Sequence (Fasta) Identical sequences: Homo sapiens: X5D9A5; Pan troglodytes: A0A6D2WHV9; A0A2J8LRP3; Gorilla gorilla gorilla: G3QQ87

Sequence Features

 130E -> K (in CCF; reduces the ability to transactivate a luciferase reporter gene; suppresses wild-type activity in a dose-dependent manner; dbSNP:rs121909109) VAR_058113 dbSNP
 299G -> A (in dbSNP:rs479632) VAR_049586 dbSNP
 90-146Homeobox domain
 276-293OAR domain

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)DownloadAssess
monomer -0.062l7f.1.A89-148