Q03426 (KIME_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

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396 aa; Sequence (Fasta) Identical sequences: Homo sapiens: B2RDU6

Sequence Features

 204Proton acceptor.
 12G -> R (in POROK3). VAR_075036
 20H -> N (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs11544299). VAR_010956 dbSNP
 20H -> P (in HIDS and MEVA; dbSNP:rs104895295). VAR_004022 dbSNP
 20H -> Q (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895335). VAR_029519 dbSNP
 39L -> P (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895296). VAR_010957 dbSNP
 41L -> P (in POROK3; dbSNP:rs397514571). VAR_075037 dbSNP
 52S -> N (in dbSNP:rs7957619). VAR_010958 dbSNP
 132V -> I (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895336). VAR_029520 dbSNP
 135S -> L (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895297). VAR_010959 dbSNP
 148A -> T (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895298). VAR_010960 dbSNP
 150S -> L (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs747116992). VAR_010961 dbSNP
 167P -> L (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895300). VAR_004023 dbSNP
 171G -> R (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895337). VAR_029521 dbSNP
 202G -> R (in HIDS and POROK3; dbSNP:rs104895301). VAR_010962 dbSNP
 211G -> E (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895325). VAR_029522 dbSNP
 215R -> Q (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895303). VAR_010963 dbSNP
 243T -> I (in MEVA; dbSNP:rs104895314). VAR_010964 dbSNP
 250V -> I (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895339). VAR_029523 dbSNP
 255L -> P (in POROK3; dbSNP:rs397514570). VAR_075038 dbSNP
 264L -> F (in MEVA; dbSNP:rs104895315). VAR_010965 dbSNP
 265L -> P (in MEVA; dbSNP:rs104895316). VAR_010966 dbSNP
 265L -> R (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895316). VAR_029524 dbSNP
 268I -> T (in HIDS and MEVA; dbSNP:rs104895304). VAR_004024 dbSNP
 279L -> P (in POROK3). VAR_075039
 291Y -> D (in POROK3). VAR_075040
 301N -> T (in MEVA; diminished activity; dbSNP:rs121917789). VAR_004025 dbSNP
 309G -> S (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895305). VAR_010967 dbSNP
 310V -> M (in MEVA and HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895319). VAR_009068 dbSNP
 312H -> R (in POROK3). VAR_075041
 326G -> R (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895308). VAR_010968 dbSNP
 334A -> T (in MEVA; dbSNP:rs104895317). VAR_004026 dbSNP
 335G -> S (in dbSNP:rs11614976). VAR_029525 dbSNP
 356T -> M (in dbSNP:rs104895342). VAR_029526 dbSNP
 365F -> S (in POROK3; dbSNP:rs398122911). VAR_075042 dbSNP
 376G -> S (in POROK3; dbSNP:rs971159663). VAR_075043 dbSNP
 376G -> V (in HIDS; dbSNP:rs104895340). VAR_029527 dbSNP
 377V -> I (in HIDS; most frequent mutation; dbSNP:rs28934897). VAR_004027 dbSNP
 130-212GHMP kinase N-terminal domain
 294-353GHMP kinase, C-terminal domain

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

'The Biochemical and Structural Basis for Feedback Inhibition of Mevalonate Kinase and Isoprenoid...homo-2-mer 2r3v2-395