Q92889 (XPF_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

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916 aa; Sequence (Fasta) ; (Isoform 2; ) Identical sequences: Homo sapiens: A0A1W1GSK9

Sequence Features

 33V -> L (in dbSNP:rs34205098) VAR_057477 dbSNP
 150R -> C (rare functional polymorphism; causes mild disruption of interstrand cross-link repair activity; partial loss of protein stability; dbSNP:rs145402255) VAR_072084 dbSNP
 153R -> P (in XFEPS; dbSNP:rs121913050) VAR_034802 dbSNP
 168A -> V (in dbSNP:rs2020961) VAR_014769 dbSNP
 225I -> M (in XP-F; dbSNP:rs764731249) VAR_008200 dbSNP
 230L -> P (in FANCQ; dbSNP:rs397509402) VAR_070086 dbSNP
 236C -> R (in XPF/CS; dbSNP:rs397509403) VAR_070087 dbSNP
 267R -> H (in dbSNP:rs143479220) VAR_072085 dbSNP
 379P -> S (in dbSNP:rs1799802) VAR_013395 dbSNP
 415R -> Q (in dbSNP:rs1800067) VAR_013396 dbSNP
 454R -> W (in XP-F) VAR_008201
 490R -> Q (in XP-F; dbSNP:rs912480692) VAR_008202 dbSNP
 502E -> K (in XP-F) VAR_008203
 513G -> R (in XP-F; dbSNP:rs769679311) VAR_008204 dbSNP
 529I -> T (in XP-F) VAR_008205
 567T -> A (in XP-F) VAR_008206
 576R -> T (in dbSNP:rs1800068) VAR_013397 dbSNP
 589R -> W (in XPF/CS; dbSNP:rs147105770) VAR_070088 dbSNP
 608L -> P (in XP-F) VAR_013398
 621T -> A VAR_072086
 662S -> P (in dbSNP:rs2020955) VAR_014770 dbSNP
 689R -> S (in FANCQ; disruption of interstrand cross- link repair activity; no effect on protein stability; dbSNP:rs149364215) VAR_070089 dbSNP
 703G -> D VAR_005849
 706I -> T (in dbSNP:rs1800069) VAR_014771 dbSNP
 717I -> T VAR_013399
 768S -> F (in dbSNP:rs12928650) VAR_057478 dbSNP
 786S -> F (in FANCQ; disruption of interstrand cross- link repair activity; no effect on protein stability; dbSNP:rs1451008479) VAR_072087 dbSNP
 799R -> W (in XP-F; mild; significant residual repair activity; dbSNP:rs121913049) VAR_005850 dbSNP
 860A -> D (in dbSNP:rs4986933) VAR_057479 dbSNP
 873I -> V (in dbSNP:rs2020957) VAR_019201 dbSNP
 875E -> G (in dbSNP:rs1800124) VAR_013408 dbSNP
 912G -> E (in dbSNP:rs2020956) VAR_014772 dbSNP
 605-611Missing (in XP-F) VAR_008207
 686-814ERCC4 domain

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

XPF-ERCC1 Cryo-EM Structure, Apo-form Heteromer
XPF-ERCC1 Cryo-EM Structure, DNA-Bound form Heteromer
Solution structure of the C-terminal domain of ERCC1 complexed with the C-terminal domain of XPF Heteromer
Solution structure of the F231L mutant ERCC1-XPF dimerization region Heteromer
Crystal Structure of the Complex between the C-Terminal Domains of Human XPF and ERCC1 Heteromer
Solution structure of the human homodimeric dna repair protein XPFhomo-2-mer 2aq0834-916
Structure of the XPF-single strand DNA complexhomo-2-mer 2kn7842-908

Homology models built on isoform sequence

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