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Non-structural protein 6 (nsp6) | P0DTD1 PRO_0000449624

Created: May 5, 2023 at 21:33

Template Results

CoverageGMQEQSQEIdentityMethodOligo StateLigands
7nbu.1.P 30S ribosomal protein S16
Structure of the HigB1 toxin mutant K95A from Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Rv1955) and its target, the cspA mRNA, on the E. coli Ribosome.
0.00-7.69EMhetero-50-mer 1 x C-A, 21 x MG, 1 x MS6, 2 x ZN
5t7v.1.F 30S ribosomal protein S16
Methicillin Resistant, Linezolid resistant Staphylococcus aureus 70S ribosome (delta S145 uL3)
0.00-12.00EMhetero-38-mer None
6q97.1.p 30S ribosomal protein S16
Structure of tmRNA SmpB bound in A site of E. coli 70S ribosome
0.00-7.69EMhetero-53-mer 1 x A-U-G-G-U-C, 24 x MG, 2 x ZN
E.Coli 70s Ribosome Stalled During Translation Of Tnac Leader Peptide.
0.00-8.00EM, 5.8Åhetero-51-mer None
5li0.1.P 30S ribosomal protein S16
70S ribosome from Staphylococcus aureus
0.00-11.54EMhetero-47-mer 1 x O, 1 x ZN
4v7t.2.P 30S ribosomal protein S16
Crystal structure of the E. coli ribosome bound to chloramphenicol.
0.00-8.00X-ray, 3.2Åhetero-49-mer 7 x MG, 1 x ZN
4v69.1.G 30S ribosomal protein S16
Ternary complex-bound E.coli 70S ribosome.
0.00-8.00EMhetero-51-mer 1 x GDP

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