Q9Y4W6 (AFG32_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

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797 aa; Sequence (Fasta)

Sequence Features

 574Zinc; catalytic.
 578Zinc; catalytic.
 649Zinc; catalytic.
 432N -> T (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344512). VAR_063544 dbSNP
 616Y -> C (in SPAX5; hypomorphic mutation; results in impaired oligomerization with itself and SPG7; retains ATPase and proteolytic activities; dbSNP:rs387906889). VAR_067330 dbSNP
 621L -> V (in SCA28; unknown pathological significance). VAR_080736
 654T -> I (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344513). VAR_064402 dbSNP
 666M -> R (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344515). VAR_064403 dbSNP
 666M -> T (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344515). VAR_064404 dbSNP
 666M -> V (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344514). VAR_064405 dbSNP
 671G -> E (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344518). VAR_064406 dbSNP
 671G -> R (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344517). VAR_064407 dbSNP
 689Y -> H (in SCA28). VAR_075198
 689Y -> N (in SCA28). VAR_075199
 691E -> K (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344520). VAR_063545 dbSNP
 694A -> E (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344521). VAR_063546 dbSNP
 700E -> K (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344522). VAR_064408 dbSNP
 702R -> Q (in SCA28; dbSNP:rs151344523). VAR_063547 dbSNP
 150-240Peptidase M41, FtsH extracellular
 345-476ATPase, AAA-type, core
 508-546AAA ATPase, AAA+ lid domain
 562-743Peptidase M41

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

human m-AAA protease AFG3L2, substrate-bound Heteromer
Solution NMR Structure of the mitochondrial inner membrane domain (residues 164-251), FtsH_ext, f...monomer 2lna164-251