Q9Y6X9 (MORC2_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

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1032 aa; Sequence (Fasta) ; (Isoform 2; )

Sequence Features

 87S -> L (in CMT2Z; decreased ATPase activity; ATP- independent homodimerization; slightly increases HUSH- dependent gene silencing; dbSNP:rs864309504) VAR_076454 dbSNP
 96Q -> E (in CMT2Z; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs749060708) VAR_076455 dbSNP
 236E -> G (in CMT2Z; dbSNP:rs886037934) VAR_076456 dbSNP
 248Y -> C (in dbSNP:rs1355363942) VAR_076457 dbSNP
 252R -> W (in CMT2Z; slightly decreased ATPase activity; increased HUSH-dependent gene silencing in neuronal cells; dbSNP:rs864309503) VAR_076458 dbSNP
 283R -> H (in dbSNP:rs1482880426) VAR_076459 dbSNP
 424T -> R (probable disease-associated variant found in a child with spinal atrophy-phenotype, cerebellar atrophy and diaphragmatic paralysis as well a second child with early onset cerebbellar ataxia, axonal polyneuropathy and nocturanl hypoventilation; increased ATPase activity; increased rate of dimer assembly and disassembly; decreased HUSH-dependent gene silencing) VAR_081260
 444G -> R (in CMT2Z; unknown pathological significance) VAR_076460
 466D -> H VAR_076461
 585R -> C (in dbSNP:rs548292999) VAR_076462 dbSNP
 757E -> G (in dbSNP:rs774444542) VAR_076463 dbSNP
 329-451Morc, S5 domain 2-like
 496-541Zinc finger, CW-type

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

Crystal structure of human MORC2 (residues 1-603)homo-2-mer ZN;ANP;MG;5of91-551
Crystal structure of human MORC2 (residues 1-603) with spinal muscular atrophy mutation S87Lhomo-2-mer ZN;ATP;MG;5ofb1-551
Crystal structure of human MORC2 (residues 1-603) with spinal muscular atrophy mutation T424Rhomo-2-mer ZN;ANP;MG;5ofa4-550

Homology models built on isoform sequence

IsoformOligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)
Isoform 2homo-2-merZN;-0.095of9.1.A1-489