P78363 (ABCA4_HUMAN) Homo sapiens (Human)

Retinal-specific phospholipid-transporting ATPase ABCA4 UniProtKBInterProSTRINGInteractive Modelling

2273 aa; Sequence (Fasta)

Sequence Features

 11L -> P (in FFM; dbSNP:rs62645946) VAR_012493 dbSNP
 18R -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs121909205) VAR_008398 dbSNP
 24R -> H (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62645958) VAR_008399 dbSNP
 54C -> Y (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs150774447) VAR_008400 dbSNP
 58N -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748524) VAR_012495 dbSNP
 60A -> E (in STGD1) VAR_012496
 60A -> T (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61751411) VAR_012497 dbSNP
 60A -> V (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs55732384) VAR_008492 dbSNP
 65G -> E (in STGD1 and CORD3; dbSNP:rs62654395) VAR_008401 dbSNP
 68P -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62654397) VAR_012498 dbSNP
 68P -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62654397) VAR_012499 dbSNP
 72G -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61751412) VAR_012500 dbSNP
 75C -> G (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748526) VAR_008402 dbSNP
 77V -> E (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748527) VAR_012501 dbSNP
 96N -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748529) VAR_008403 dbSNP
 96N -> H (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748529) VAR_008404 dbSNP
 100S -> P (in STGD1; highly decreased protein abundance; highly decreased ATPase activity; highly decreased phospholipid translocase activity; dbSNP:rs61748530) VAR_012502 dbSNP
 152R -> Q (in dbSNP:rs62646862) VAR_012503 dbSNP
 156I -> V (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62646863) VAR_012504 dbSNP
 190Q -> H (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs281865397) VAR_012505 dbSNP
 192A -> T (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748535) VAR_008405 dbSNP
 206S -> R (in STGD1; reduced basal and retinal- stimulated ATP-hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61748536) VAR_012506 dbSNP
 212R -> C (in STGD1 and CORD3; common mutation in southern Europe; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750200) VAR_008406 dbSNP
 212R -> H (in dbSNP:rs6657239) VAR_012507 dbSNP
 220R -> C (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748538) VAR_012508 dbSNP
 224T -> M (in a breast cancer sample; somatic mutation; dbSNP:rs373540612) VAR_035736 dbSNP
 230C -> S (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs1057518767) VAR_012509 dbSNP
 244L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62646864) VAR_012510 dbSNP
 247N -> S (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62645950) VAR_012511 dbSNP
 249D -> G (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62646865) VAR_008407 dbSNP
 300T -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748544) VAR_008408 dbSNP
 309P -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748545) VAR_012512 dbSNP
 328E -> V (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61751419) VAR_012513 dbSNP
 333R -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748546) VAR_012514 dbSNP
 336S -> C (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748547) VAR_008409 dbSNP
 339W -> G (in FFM; dbSNP:rs61751420) VAR_012515 dbSNP
 340Y -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748548) VAR_008410 dbSNP
 380N -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748549) VAR_012516 dbSNP
 407A -> V (in STGD1 and CORD3; dbSNP:rs61751264) VAR_008411 dbSNP
 423H -> R (in dbSNP:rs3112831) VAR_012517 dbSNP
 445S -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748552) VAR_008412 dbSNP
 471E -> K (in ARMD2 and STGD1; unknown pathological significance; ATP-binding capacity and retinal stimulation as in wild-type; dbSNP:rs1800548) VAR_008413 dbSNP
 523D -> E (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62646868) VAR_008414 dbSNP
 525F -> C (in STGD1) VAR_012518
 537R -> C (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748556) VAR_012519 dbSNP
 541L -> P (in STGD1, FFM and CORD3; reduced ATP-binding capacity; abolishes retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61751392) VAR_008415 dbSNP
 549A -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748557) VAR_012520 dbSNP
 550G -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748558) VAR_012521 dbSNP
 552V -> I (in dbSNP:rs145525174) VAR_012522 dbSNP
 572R -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748559) VAR_008416 dbSNP
 572R -> Q (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748559) VAR_008417 dbSNP
 602R -> Q (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749410) VAR_012523 dbSNP
 602R -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749409) VAR_008418 dbSNP
 607G -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749412) VAR_012524 dbSNP
 607G -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749412) VAR_012525 dbSNP
 608F -> I (in STGD1; moderately decreased protein abundance; highly decreased ATPase activity; highly decreased phospholipid translocase activity; dbSNP:rs61752398) VAR_008419 dbSNP
 635Q -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749414) VAR_012526 dbSNP
 636Q -> H (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752400) VAR_012527 dbSNP
 643V -> G (in dbSNP:rs61754024) VAR_008420 dbSNP
 643V -> M (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749417) VAR_012528 dbSNP
 645D -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749418) VAR_008421 dbSNP
 653R -> C (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749420) VAR_012529 dbSNP
 686L -> S (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752402) VAR_012530 dbSNP
 716T -> M (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749426) VAR_012531 dbSNP
 752S -> I (in dbSNP:rs1801369) VAR_014703 dbSNP
 762A -> E (in ARMD2) VAR_067427
 764C -> Y (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749428) VAR_012532 dbSNP
 765S -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749429) VAR_012534 dbSNP
 765S -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752404) VAR_012533 dbSNP
 767V -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61751395) VAR_012535 dbSNP
 797L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749432) VAR_012536 dbSNP
 818G -> E (in ARMD2 and STGD1; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750202) VAR_008422 dbSNP
 821W -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749433) VAR_008423 dbSNP
 824I -> T (in STGD1) VAR_012537
 846D -> H (in dbSNP:rs61754027) VAR_008493 dbSNP
 849V -> A (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749435) VAR_012538 dbSNP
 851G -> D (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61749436) VAR_008424 dbSNP
 854A -> T (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749437) VAR_012539 dbSNP
 863G -> A (in STGD1, FFM and CORD3; mild alteration probably leading to disease phenotype only in combination with a more severe allele; frequent mutation in northern Europe in linkage disequilibrium with the polymorphic variant Q-943; reduced ATP-binding capacity and retinal- stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs76157638) VAR_008425 dbSNP
 863Missing VAR_083317
 863Missing (in STGD1 and CORD3; reduced ATP-binding capacity and retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis) VAR_012540
 873F -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642570) VAR_012541 dbSNP
 897T -> I (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749440) VAR_012542 dbSNP
 901T -> A (in dbSNP:rs61754030) VAR_008426 dbSNP
 914H -> R VAR_012543
 931V -> M (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs58331765) VAR_008427 dbSNP
 935V -> A (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749444) VAR_012544 dbSNP
 943R -> Q (in linkage disequilibrium with A-863 in the European population; dbSNP:rs1801581) VAR_008428 dbSNP
 943R -> W (in STGD1 and FFM; dbSNP:rs61749446) VAR_012545 dbSNP
 957Q -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749448) VAR_008429 dbSNP
 959T -> I (in STGD1; moderately decreased protein abundance; highly decreased ATPase activity; highly decreased phospholipid translocase activity; dbSNP:rs61752409) VAR_012546 dbSNP
 965N -> S (in STGD1; reduced retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; moderately decreased protein abundance; highly decreased ATPase activity; highly decreased phospholipid translocase activity; dbSNP:rs201471607) VAR_008430 dbSNP
 971T -> N (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; abolishes retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61749450) VAR_012547 dbSNP
 972T -> N (in STGD1; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs61749451) VAR_012548 dbSNP
 974S -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs281865400) VAR_012549 dbSNP
 978G -> C (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749452) VAR_008431 dbSNP
 989V -> A (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749454) VAR_012550 dbSNP
 991G -> R (in FFM; dbSNP:rs61749455) VAR_012551 dbSNP
 1014L -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749456) VAR_012552 dbSNP
 1019T -> A (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749457) VAR_012553 dbSNP
 1019T -> M (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs201855602) VAR_012554 dbSNP
 1022E -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61749459) VAR_012555 dbSNP
 1031K -> E (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750060) VAR_012556 dbSNP
 1036E -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750061) VAR_008432 dbSNP
 1038A -> V (in STGD1, FFM and CORD3; frequent mutation; reduced ATP-binding and retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61751374) VAR_008433 dbSNP
 1055R -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752412) VAR_012557 dbSNP
 1063S -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752413) VAR_012558 dbSNP
 1071S -> L (in STGD1; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750065) VAR_008434 dbSNP
 1072V -> A (in STGD1) VAR_008435
 1087E -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752416) VAR_012559 dbSNP
 1087E -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61751398) VAR_008436 dbSNP
 1091G -> E (in FFM; dbSNP:rs61752417) VAR_012560 dbSNP
 1097R -> C (in STGD1) VAR_012561
 1108R -> C (in STGD1 and FFM; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750120) VAR_012562 dbSNP
 1108R -> H (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750121) VAR_012563 dbSNP
 1108R -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750121) VAR_012564 dbSNP
 1112T -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750122) VAR_008437 dbSNP
 1122E -> K (in STGD1 and CORD3; dbSNP:rs61751399) VAR_008438 dbSNP
 1129R -> C (in STGD1; may predispose to develop retinal toxicity after treatment with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine; dbSNP:rs779426136) VAR_012565 dbSNP
 1129R -> L (in ARMD2 and STGD1; also found in patients with fundus flavimaculatus; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs1801269) VAR_008439 dbSNP
 1148K -> T VAR_012566
 1201L -> R (in STGD1; may predispose to develop retinal toxicity after treatment with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine; dbSNP:rs61750126) VAR_008440 dbSNP
 1204D -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750127) VAR_008441 dbSNP
 1250L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750128) VAR_012567 dbSNP
 1253T -> M (in FFM; unknown pathological significance; dbSNP:rs61752424) VAR_012568 dbSNP
 1300R -> Q (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750129) VAR_012569 dbSNP
 1314P -> T (in dbSNP:rs61754041) VAR_008442 dbSNP
 1380P -> L (in STGD1; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750130) VAR_008443 dbSNP
 1388L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750131) VAR_012570 dbSNP
 1399E -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642573) VAR_012571 dbSNP
 1406H -> Y (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750133) VAR_008444 dbSNP
 1408W -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750134) VAR_008445 dbSNP
 1408W -> R (in STGD1; reduced retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61750135) VAR_008446 dbSNP
 1428T -> M (in dbSNP:rs1800549) VAR_008447 dbSNP
 1429V -> A (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752432) VAR_008448 dbSNP
 1430L -> P (in STGD1) VAR_012572
 1433V -> I (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs56357060) VAR_008449 dbSNP
 1439G -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750140) VAR_008450 dbSNP
 1440F -> S (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750141) VAR_008451 dbSNP
 1440F -> V (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61752433) VAR_012573 dbSNP
 1443R -> H (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750142) VAR_012574 dbSNP
 1486P -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750145) VAR_008452 dbSNP
 1488C -> F (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750147) VAR_012575 dbSNP
 1488C -> R (in STGD1 and FFM; reduced retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61750146) VAR_008453 dbSNP
 1488C -> Y (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750147) VAR_012576 dbSNP
 1490C -> Y (in STGD1 and CORD3; reduced retinal- stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61751402) VAR_008454 dbSNP
 1508G -> C (in FFM) VAR_012577
 1513Q -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs281865402) VAR_012578 dbSNP
 1517R -> S (in ARMD2; dbSNP:rs1800550) VAR_008455 dbSNP
 1525L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750151) VAR_012579 dbSNP
 1526T -> M (in STGD1; reduced retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61750152) VAR_008456 dbSNP
 1532D -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642574) VAR_008457 dbSNP
 1537T -> M (in STGD1; moderately decreased protein abundance; moderately decreased ATPase activity; moderately decreased phospholipid translocase activity; dbSNP:rs62642575) VAR_012580 dbSNP
 1562I -> T (in STGD1, FFM, ARMD2 and CORD3; dbSNP:rs1762111) VAR_008458 dbSNP
 1578G -> R (in ARMD2; dbSNP:rs1800551) VAR_008459 dbSNP
 1598A -> D (in CORD3; dbSNP:rs61750155) VAR_012581 dbSNP
 1631L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750158) VAR_008460 dbSNP
 1637A -> T (rare polymorphism; dbSNP:rs61754056) VAR_012582 dbSNP
 1640R -> Q (in STGD1, FFM and CORD3; dbSNP:rs61751403) VAR_012583 dbSNP
 1640R -> W (in STGD1 and CORD3; dbSNP:rs61751404) VAR_008461 dbSNP
 1652Y -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750560) VAR_008462 dbSNP
 1689S -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61753020) VAR_012585 dbSNP
 1693V -> I (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750563) VAR_012586 dbSNP
 1696S -> N (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750564) VAR_008463 dbSNP
 1703Q -> K (in STGD1) VAR_008464
 1705R -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61753021) VAR_012587 dbSNP
 1724W -> C (in ARMD2) VAR_067428
 1729L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750567) VAR_008465 dbSNP
 1733M -> T (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs765563320) VAR_012588 dbSNP
 1736S -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750568) VAR_012589 dbSNP
 1748G -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61753025) VAR_012590 dbSNP
 1763L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61753028) VAR_012592 dbSNP
 1776P -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs281865404) VAR_012593 dbSNP
 1780P -> A (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs121909207) VAR_012594 dbSNP
 1794A -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61751406) VAR_008466 dbSNP
 1799N -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750574) VAR_012595 dbSNP
 1805N -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61753029) VAR_012596 dbSNP
 1817E -> D VAR_012597
 1820R -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62646875) VAR_008467 dbSNP
 1838H -> Y (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642562) VAR_008468 dbSNP
 1843R -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642576) VAR_008469 dbSNP
 1846I -> T (in dbSNP:rs61750575) VAR_008494 dbSNP
 1868N -> I (slightly reduced retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs1801466) VAR_008470 dbSNP
 1884V -> E (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642578) VAR_012598 dbSNP
 1885E -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs62642563) VAR_012599 dbSNP
 1886G -> E (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs62642579) VAR_008471 dbSNP
 1890Missing (in STGD1) VAR_008472
 1896V -> D (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750636) VAR_012600 dbSNP
 1898R -> H (in STGD1 and ARMD2; dbSNP:rs1800552) VAR_008473 dbSNP
 1921V -> M (in dbSNP:rs61753032) VAR_012601 dbSNP
 1940L -> P (in STGD1 and FFM; dbSNP:rs61753033) VAR_012602 dbSNP
 1948P -> L (in dbSNP:rs56142141) VAR_008474 dbSNP
 1961G -> E (in STGD1 and FFM; frequent mutation; may be associated with ARMD2; inhibition of ATP hydrolysis by retinal; dbSNP:rs1800553) VAR_008475 dbSNP
 1970L -> F (in ARMD2 and FFM; dbSNP:rs28938473) VAR_008476 dbSNP
 1971L -> R (in FFM; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; abolishes basal and retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs61753034) VAR_012603 dbSNP
 1975G -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61753036) VAR_012604 dbSNP
 1977G -> S (in STGD1 and ARMD2; highly reduced ATP- binding capacity; inhibition of ATP hydrolysis by retinal; dbSNP:rs61750639) VAR_008477 dbSNP
 2027L -> F (in STGD1 and FFM; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61751408) VAR_008478 dbSNP
 2030R -> Q (in STGD1 and FFM; dbSNP:rs61750641) VAR_008480 dbSNP
 2035L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750642) VAR_012605 dbSNP
 2038R -> W (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750643) VAR_008495 dbSNP
 2047I -> N (in ARMD2) VAR_067429
 2050V -> L (in STGD1; may act as a modifier of macular dystrophy in patients who also have a TRP-172 mutation in PRPH2.; dbSNP:rs41292677) VAR_008481 dbSNP
 2059G -> A VAR_012606
 2060L -> R (in CORD3; dbSNP:rs61753039) VAR_012607 dbSNP
 2071Y -> F (in STGD1) VAR_012608
 2077R -> G (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750645) VAR_012609 dbSNP
 2077R -> W (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750645) VAR_008482 dbSNP
 2096E -> K (in STGD1; inhibition of ATP hydrolysis by retinal; dbSNP:rs61750646) VAR_008483 dbSNP
 2106R -> C (in STGD1 and FFM; reduced ATP-binding capacity; dbSNP:rs61750648) VAR_008484 dbSNP
 2107R -> C (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs2297669) VAR_012610 dbSNP
 2107R -> H (in STGD1; may predispose to develop retinal toxicity after treatment with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine; dbSNP:rs62642564) VAR_008485 dbSNP
 2128H -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750651) VAR_008486 dbSNP
 2131E -> K (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750652) VAR_008487 dbSNP
 2137C -> Y (in ARMD2) VAR_067430
 2139R -> W (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750653) VAR_008488 dbSNP
 2146G -> D (in CORD3; dbSNP:rs61753044) VAR_012611 dbSNP
 2149R -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750655) VAR_012612 dbSNP
 2150C -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750656) VAR_012613 dbSNP
 2150C -> Y (in STGD1 and CORD3; dbSNP:rs61751384) VAR_008489 dbSNP
 2160K -> R (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs281865405) VAR_008490 dbSNP
 2177D -> N (may be associated with ARMD2; increased retinal-stimulated ATP hydrolysis; dbSNP:rs1800555) VAR_008491 dbSNP
 2216A -> V (in dbSNP:rs886044763) VAR_012614 dbSNP
 2229L -> P (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61750659) VAR_012615 dbSNP
 2241L -> V (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs61748521) VAR_012616 dbSNP
 2255S -> I (in dbSNP:rs6666652) VAR_009157 dbSNP
 2263R -> L (in STGD1; dbSNP:rs281865407) VAR_012617 dbSNP
 963-970ATP 1
 1972-1979ATP 2
 13-15Missing (in STGD1) VAR_012494
 1681-1685Missing (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity) VAR_012584
 1761-1763Missing (in STGD1; highly reduced ATP-binding capacity) VAR_012591
 947-1090ABC transporter-like
 1957-2098ABC transporter-like

Sequence Alignments

Homology models

Oligo-stateLigandsQMEANTemplateRangeSeq id (%)DownloadAssess
monomer -3.164yer.1.A1936-2253
monomer -4.776s7p.1.A915-1162