A0A452E7I5 (A0A452E7I5_CAPHI) Capra hircus (Goat)

Uncharacterized protein UniProtKBInterProInteractive Modelling

106 aa; Sequence (Fasta) 54 identical sequences

Sequence Features

 17-94Ribosomal protein L44e

Sequence Alignments

Experimental structures

Cryo-EM structures of ribosomal 80S complexes with termination factors and cricket paralysis viru... Heteromer
Structure of rabbit 80S ribosome translating beta-tubulin in complex with tetratricopeptide prote... Heteromer
A0A087WNH4; B7NZQ2; G1SE28; G1SE76; G1SF08; G1SGR6; G1SHG0; G1SHQ2; G1SIT5; G1SKF7; G1SMR7; G1SNY0; G1SQH0; G1SWI6; G1SY53; G1SYJ6; G1SZ12; G1T0C1; G1T6D1; G1TDL2; G1TL06; G1TT27; G1TTN1; G1TTQ5; G1TUB1; G1TUB8; G1TVT6; G1TXF6; G1U001; G1U344; G1U437; G1U7L1; G1U945; Q8N0Z6; U3KPD5;
Structure of the mammalian 60S ribosomal subunit Heteromer
A1XQU3; A1XQU5; F1RGC0; F1S530; F1S935; F2Z522; F2Z546; F2Z554; F2Z567; F2Z568; I3L7Y1; I3LP78; I3LSD3; K7GP63; P49666; P62831; P62901; P63053; P67985; P83884; Q29205; Q29223; Q29361; Q6QAT0; Q95281; Q95342;